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What safety regulations will you put in place for my treatment?

As social distancing will be impossible for your treatment, I will be wearing a facemask the entire time you are present. In addition, all equipment including towels, the massage bed and room will be deep cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning solution before and after all treatments.

“Where do I have to go for my treatment?”

Your massage will be performed at Calum’s home studio in North London. The address and all relevant information will be sent in an automatic email confirmation.

“How long will my Massage last?”

It will depend on which massage option you have chosen. The lengths of the massage are on the Services Available page. Every massage will have a 15 minute health consultation beforehand, so please ensure you arrive with plenty of time to spare!

“Does it hurt?”

Simple answer, it depends on the client. I will make regular checks with you during your treatment on the levels of pressure and if you want a stronger or lighter approach. Tight muscles and knots can be uncomfortable and painful at times when they are being released, but I must make it clear that you do not have to suffer to achieve effective muscular release!

“What do I need to bring?”

There’s nothing you NEED to bring with you. However, I do recommend bringing a bottle of water and perhaps some flip-flops. These are not essential however. You will be provided with towels upon arrival.

“Do I have to undress fully?”

It depends on which treatment you have purchased. For a full-body massage you will be required to undress down to your underwear. I will let you get changed while I wait outside the treatment room. You will always be fully covered with warm towels throughout treatment and the only exposed part of you will be the area I am massaging at the time. In addition, before the massage I will inform you of all the areas of your body I will be treating. You have the option to request me to not treat a certain area, just let me know! I will never massage any part of you that you are not comfortable with.

“What Oils do you use?”

I have a few options of Massage Oils. I have homemade CBD Massage Oil, homemade Lavender and Eucalyptus Massage Oil and Sunflower Oil. When you arrive for your massage, you have the choice as to any Oil you wish for your treatment.

If you have any other questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. Please see the Contact Me page to get in touch.