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Massage Testimonials:

Calum made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. I was very happy with the massage and left feeling extremely relaxed. I would definitely recommend Calum.”

“My massage with Calum was very in depth. He had a great technique and I was incredibly relaxed afterwards. He also gave me some excellent advice on how to keep my body relaxed and in good condition to prevent injuries. Would definitely recommend!”

“Calum is so professional and considerate, from creating a calming atmosphere to paying real care and attention to problem areas. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders due to injury but have felt so much looser and pain free in the days that have followed. With Calum you are in a very safe pair of hands.”

“I had a great time with Calum. I’m training for a marathon and it was great to have a relaxing massage to take the pressure off my sore legs. He also offered valuable insight into how to avoid carrying tension in my shoulders and legs.”

“Calum was amazing at working into the tension in my muscles and had a very caring approach with checking in to see if the pressure was okay for me. Would 100% recommend.”

“I Thought Calum was a very good masseuse and was very receptive/ adaptable to my wants and needs. He also had a brilliant balance between being gentle so that the massage was comfortable and therapeutic, and firm enough to ease the muscles into relaxation. Top notch! Will definitely be booking another appointment!”

I had a wonderful experience with Calum – he was so professional, friendly and made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed. The massage was great and afterwards there was a real improvement in my neck and shoulders in particular. I will definitely be going back and would recommend Calum to anyone looking to relax or deal with a particular problem area.

“I booked a massage with Calum, and was very impressed by the results. He was attentive to my needs, was very thorough, and checked in with me all throughout the session. Very professional from start to finish, and I felt revitalised and rejuvenated afterwards. Would definitely recommend.”

“Calum was an excellent massage therapist. He located my pressure points and told me where I had been holding tension the most in my body and I was really surprised to learn about it afterwards. I was especially happy that he gave me a foot massage as I rarely get those when I go for a massage treatment. I give Calum 10/10 for that treatment, it was divine and so relaxing.”

“Calum was very professional and thorough during our message session. His pre-massage consultation process helped us identify the problem spots to target, and the massage itself was a very relaxed and therapeutic process. He addressed some problematic tightness in my back and shoulders, and the head massage was particularly enjoyable. He also recommended some stretching exercises for me to practice at home ahead of our next session to further alleviate soreness in my body. Highly recommended!”

“Today’s massage was exceptional in that it pressed through the areas that’s been aching of late which in turn felt exhilarating afterwards. Calum was also so patient and accommodating that my usual discomfort at being in a vulnerable position disappeared! The neck pain I carried in the morning felt relieved after my session with Calum. I was always asked about the pressure and have no qualms in my tight areas.”